Forget the Temps: We Use Advanced CEREC® Technology to Deliver Same-Day Crowns

Thanks to advanced CEREC® technology, we can deliver same-day crowns so you don’t have to wait for your new teeth. Here at A

In a world where information is at our fingertips — from where to find the best burger in town to how to navigate to a new location, or even live streaming music and movies without commercial interruptions — it’s hard to imagine waiting for anything. That’s especially true when it comes to dental crowns. Why would you wait for weeks with a damaged tooth, or several teeth that need repair when you can have the latest technology of same-day dental crowns?

Thanks to advanced CEREC® technology, we can deliver same-day crowns so you don’t have to wait for your new teeth. Here at A Briter Smile Dental, Dr. Ali Khosrovani and the highly skilled dental team explored ways to help our patients in Los Angeles, spend less time in the dental chair. 

That’s when we discovered CEREC. This advanced technology allows us to custom manufacture your crown right here in our practice. 

That means you can forget the temporary crowns and get your permanent crowns the very same day:  no waiting and minimal interruption to your busy life.  

The importance of dental crowns

A dental crown is a cap that Dr. Khosrovani places over your tooth to protect its structural integrity. Crowns protect a damaged or decayed tooth by shielding it from the outside. Crowns are also the visible tooth part of dental implants. 

Whether you’ve had extensive dental work done on a tooth, or its strength is compromised by decay, crowns allow us to preserve your tooth and its root for your optimal dental health. And since

a crown plays a critical role in your mouth, it needs to fit seamlessly with your existing teeth, both functionally and aesthetically.

This is why producing a good custom crown is so important. And that used to take time. There’s no doubt that the CEREC system has changed the face of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Where you once had to wait for a custom-made crown, CEREC makes it possible to get your crown the very same day. 

Before CEREC same-day crowns

Before CEREC, the process of getting a crown was not an efficient one. It typically required several visits to the dentist and weeks of waiting as an outside lab manufactured your crown. 

The first step was having impressions made of your tooth, which we then sent to a lab. These traditional impressions lacked the accuracy and precision of the advanced CEREC technology. Even worse, you might be without a tooth while your new crown was being made, or you might get a temporary crown that didn’t fit or function as well as it should. 

When your permanent crown was finally ready, the lab sent it back to the dental office, at which point you returned to have it placed. For years, this multistep process was frustrating for people who wanted to protect their teeth with a new crown as quickly as possible. 

Today with CEREC’s advanced technology

With the CEREC system, getting a custom-made crown has become much less of a hassle and an inconvenience. The first thing we do differently is making a digital scan of your tooth. With this digital technology, we can scan your tooth within a tenth of a millimeter.

CEREC technology gives us precision and accuracy that you just can’t get with a putty-like mold, where there’s considerable room for error. Once we scan your tooth, the digital information goes to our on-site CEREC milling station. Using a ceramic composite material, our milling unit custom manufactures your crown in just minutes while you wait! 

As soon as your crown is ready, Dr. Khosrovani places it in your mouth and ensures that your bite is correct and that the crown matches your adjacent teeth. On the outside chance that your new crown isn’t quite right, we can digitally scan your tooth again and manufacture a new one within minutes — no waiting or delay necessary, as in the past, when we would have to request to have a new crown made at an off-site lab. That meant you would have to be without your new tooth even longer. 

With the advanced technology of the CEREC system, we make sure you walk out of our office with a crown that fulfills both your functional and aesthetic objectives, and there’s no need for you to wait or schedule another appointment. 

We’d love to welcome you to A Briter Smile Dental and tell you more about CEREC same-day crowns. Give us a call at 323-431-2322, or schedule an appointment online today.

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